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We have developed a novel, fast, and low cost protocol for isolating extra-cellular RNA and proteins from urine that gives a higher yield than current commercial kits. Furthermore, we have written a novel bioinformatics protocol that mines high-throughput sequencing data for known and novel disease-linked miRNAs. We are currently optimizing our extra-cellular vesicle isolation protocol towards commercialization. In parallel, we are using this method and our bioinformatics protocol to find biomarkers for prostate and bladder cancer.


Ymir Genomics provides new tools to facilitate the discovery of biomarkers from biofluids. Using these tools, we have discovered novel biomarkers to fight human disease.

Ymir Genomics’ Urine Biomarker Isolation Method

Ymir Genomics LLC has developed a novel, rapid, and efficient method for isolating extra-cellular Vesicles, extra-cellular RNA, and/or extra-cellular protein from urine samples. This method’s yield is superior to other methods, including Ultra-centrifugation, for isolating biomarkers from most urine samples, especially the more dilute urine samples.

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Urine Extra-Cellular Biomarker Discovery Service

Now Ymir Genomics is teaming up with the highly regarded contract research organization, Cambridge Biolabs (CBL), to offer a unique service to researchers in the urine biomarker discovery field.

You simply send us urine samples from your rat, mouse, or human studies. We then can isolate extra-cellular vesicles preps, extra-cellular protein preps suitable for proteomics, or extra-cellular RNA preps suitable for transcriptomics. These preps can be sent back to you or given to CBL for qPCR studies for specific RNA species or microRNA array studies.

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